Diagnosis and repair of trucks of all brands in CARGOCENTRU

Construction, trading, logistics services, various types of industrial activity - all of these sectors need for transportation. To ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise requires timely diagnosis of trucks, and if necessary, and their high-quality repairs. CARGOCENTRU provides services for diagnosing and repairing vehicles, trailers and transporters. Using freight service from our company – you will forget about any problems encountered when operating your vehicle.

All work in our service center is performed on modern equipment, using high-tech tools. Employees received specialized training and possess the necessary qualifications; they can as soon as possible repair your vehicle and remove any damage. Importantly, that our technical center has a wide range of spare parts for trucks that can significantly reduce the repair time of trucks and trailers.

We produce truck repair of brands such as Scania, Mercedes, Man, Volvo, Renault, Daf, as well as other European cars. Skilled professionals who work in our service center at the highest levels, to implement diagnostics and repair steering, gearbox, engine, suspension, brake system of the vehicle and carry out remedial work on other problems that have arisen in your car. All repairs are carried out in a protected area that allows our clients to be fully confident in the safety of vehicles.

CARGOCENTRU specialists provide services not only to repair trucks, but also professionally perform diagnostic activities. Computer diagnostics of truck is runned on the newest equipment and takes a minimal amount of time. Timely diagnosis of the vehicle can avoid many potential problems and can save not only time but also considerable amounts of money, because optimizes the basic units of the car, thus reducing the risk of failure and reduce the cost of various supplies.

CARGOCENTRU - a team of qualified professionals able to operate at the highest level, specialized and professional equipment, modern technological facilities and a wide range of spare parts? reasonable pricing policy.

Becoming our client, you'll see it on your own experience.

repair of engines, water pumps and compressors;
Quick-change oil and filters;
Repair of starters and alternators;
repair of electrical equipment;
repair of gearboxes and reducers;
computer diagnostics of automobiles, the removal and correction of computer errors in all kinds of trucks, buses and minibuses;

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